The fragility of being human

The fragility of being human

Blood, bones and breath of a life
The anatomy of all beings alive..
Yet, a four limbed animal is hailed king
A rather vulnerable one in the absolute terms..

Humanity, a concept so obscure
Supported by the pillars of civilizations..
And polished by philosophy and celebrated poetry
Is quite weak at the core and foundation..

A lone woman in a deserted street
An easy wickedness over drudgery..
The tests are many and victories few
True, a human is frail like a new born..

Keep me like that book..

Keep me like that book..

Not on the top shelves, adored
Yet left to gather dust..
Never at the bottom, your offsprings
Might make me their canvas and ships..
Keep me like that book, the one you reach for
At those moments of soulful solitude..
When your brain races ahead the familiar lines
To find better versions of a pretty old story..